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VDA monitoring at research project in Middenbeemster (NL)


In March 2016 Allnamics has participated in a research project on the relation between vibro driving of sheet piles and the vibrations in an adjacent building. Allnamics’ contribution was monitoring strains and accelerations in the sheetpile during driving and extraction. The monitoring was done with the wireless Allnamics PDR-system and the in-house developed VDA (Vibratory Driving Analysis) Software.


From the measured strains and accelerations the VDA software derives relevant data like frequencies, forces, penetration speeds, stresses and displacement amplitudes. After installation the data can be presented and reported as a function of penetration depth or as single time traces.


Photo 1 upending sheet pile with monitoring equipment

Photo 1 : Upending sheet pile with monitoring equipment.


Photo 2: PDR with combined strain and acceleration sensors

Photo 2 : PDR with combined strain and acceleration sensors.


Photo 3 : Vibro driving of sheet pile right next tot he building.

Photo 3 : Vibro driving of sheet pile right next to the building.


The acceleration sensors used for VDA are 10 times more sensitive than the standard sensors that are used for PDA (Pile Driving Analysis) during impact driving. Because the sensors are equipped with our USID (Universal Sensor IDentification), the PDR can automatically detect the sensors, retrieve the sensor data and calibration factors and apply them during monitoring. So there is no need for manually entering sensor data and calibration factors, which often causes (human) errors when preparing the equipment.


Other companies involved in the research project are Fides Expertise, TNO, Leiderdorp Instruments and Hektec . The piling rig and test building were provided by piling contractor Gebr. Van 't Hek BV


For more information on VDA monitoring or the research project you can contact us.




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