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Strain gauge monitoring


One of the monitoring techniques in our portfolio of services is (dynamic) strain monitoring with strain gauges directly glued-on the (steel) surface.


Allnamics has been involved in (dynamic) strain gauge monitoring for a long time, mostly for PDA (Pile Driving Analysis) monitoring during impact driving of foundation piles. Because the sensors have to sustain severe dynamic loads during impact driving (accelerations up to than 1000 x gravity or more), the strain sensors are traditionally bolted in holes that are drilled in the pile wall.


However, drilling is not allowed or simply impossible in more and more cases. Allnamics has been able to solve this issue by glueing the strain gauge and its sensor cabling directly on the steel surface.


This technique has been succesfully used for PDA-monitoring during a pile driving test in Kinderdijk (NL) and during installation of monopiles for several offshore windfarms. The same technique, that in principle can also be applied for other sensor types or larger elements, has been used for a structural health monitoring project near Delfzijl (NL), with the sensors functioning for several months.


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