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Successful installation of large test piles with big vibro hammer in Cuxhaven (G)

Inspired by recent developments, leading German energy supplier RWE has become interested in the application of vibrohammers for large diameter piles for their offshore windfarms. However, experience with assessment of driveability and lateral load-displacement behavior is very limited.

For this reason, RWE and its partners decided to do a full scale test an onshore site in Cuxhaven, where 3 pairs of vibro driven and impact driven identical piles (diameter 4.3 m, length 21.5 m, wall thickness 40-45 mm, weight 92 tonnes) were to be installed, in order to compare their behavior under lateral load. The piles had to be driven 18.5 m deep into the soil. The vibro driveability to full penetration, into the dense sand layers with cone resistances in the range of 40-60 MPa, was a big concern for RWE.

Dieseko was selected to supply the vibro hammer and Allnamics was consulted for the driveability predictions, which have been made with our in-house developed AllWave-PDP software.

The installation was big success and proved Allnamics’ predictions to be correct: target penetration was easily reached with the king-size vibro hammer. The penetration speed of the pile often exceeded 5 meters per minute.


A nice video about the test can be seen on youtube:

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