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Monitoring – vibrations


Vibration Monitoring


For vibration monitoring Allnamics uses axilogII systems with extensive on line capabilities. With these systems it is possible to perform monitoring vibration projects in accordance with various international standards, such as the Dutch SBR or the German DIN 4150, and Allnamics can subsequently report the data in accordance with these standards.


Alternatively clients can rent the equipment so they can perform the monitoring themselves. For further information please contact our office in Heemskerk.


Dutch SBR standard

In the Netherlands vibration monitoring is performed according to the guidelines of SBR, the Building Research Foundation (, which consists of 3 parts:

A  Assessing damage to buildings: The specialists of Allnamics can not only specify how monitoring in accordance with Part A must be performed, we can also predict vibration levels based on past experience or perform a risk analysis / vibration prognosis to determine the level of vibration that is still within acceptable SBR limits.


B. Assessing nuisance for people: This part can be used to determine whether vibrations due to passing vehicles or any other cause create nuisance for people exposed to those vibrations.


C. Assessing failure of equipment: This directive focuses on equipment, and once again Allnamics can often predict the vibration limits to ensure equipment exposed to those vibrations are unaffected.


Some pictures of vibration monitoring

In house monitoring of vibrations

Monitoring specialist on site.

Monitoring outside a building at ground level.

Large scale pile vibrating monitoring.

Vibration monitoring and Pile driving monitoring (PDA).

Vibration monitoring live on line at the office

Some measurement results

Maximum velocity versus time.

SBR-A evaluation : Maximum Velocity - Dominant Frequency

For further information please contact our office in Heemskerk.