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Monitoring – strain


Monitoring of steel structures is often needed; think about verification of computer simulations, determination of fatigue damage due to cyclic loading or structural health monitoring. And of course monitoring of strain during Pile Driving Analysis (PDA).


For cases where it is not possible or not permitted to mount strain sensors in the traditional way with bolts in drilled holes, Allnamics has the know-how and equipment to glue the strain gauges and their sensor cables directly on the steel surface. This has also the advantage that the strain can be monitored at specific points and in specific directions.


This technique has been succesfully used for PDA-moniotring during a pile driving test in Kinderdijk (NL) and during installation of monopiles for several offshore windfarms. The same technique, that in principle can also be applied for other sensor types or larger elements, has been used for a structural health monitoring project near Delfzijl (NL), with the sensors already functioning for several months.


Typical for this type of monitoring is the fact that the number of monitoring channels is usually much larger than the standard number of 4 channel for PDA. For multiple channel monitoring we can use several synchronized PDR-systems or a single compressed multi-channel system. Another option is the use of GSM technology for remote access to the sensors.


You want to learn more about strain gauge monitoring or glueing on of sensors?  Contact us.


Photo 1 : The acceleration sensor and the strain gauge glued directly on the pile

Photo 3 : Strain gauge glued on inside of monopile

Photo 2 : Strain gauge monitoring of a steel structure