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Allnamics can perform various monitoring services, such as:

  1. Settlements
  2. Inclination
  3. Vibrations
  4. Water pressure
  5. Ground pressure
  6. Strain
  7. Loads
  8. Deformations
  9. Cracks

Allnamics acts as an independent consultant for geotechnical engineering and piling works (incl. design and pile installation assistance/supervision), both onshore and offshore.


Allnamics provides its clients with general advice in foundation diagnostics as well as training and assistance in using Allnamics pile testing hardware and software (incl. drive-ability prediction analysis and signal matching).


Finally Allnamics assists its clients in trouble shooting of complex project situations.


Allnamics organizes courses and seminars to introduce clients into the theory, practice and interpretation of foundation diagnostics using its experience from world-wide case histories since 1972. 


Specific Consultancy Services include:

  • Independent assessment of pile testing results (Static Load Testing, Rapid Load Testing - both Statnamic and Statrapid, Pile Driving Analysis, Dynamic Load Testing, Pile Integrity Testing)
  • Drive-ability studies for impact and vibratory hammers
  • Pile testing supervision
  • Inspection and assessment of (timber) pile foundations
  • Support during the design phase (pit design, foundations, caissons, elevations, drainage, etc.)
  • Independent third party assessment (incl. expert-witness testimony in court cases and arbitration)
  • Risk assessment and the influence of the environment on geotechnical designs and the adjustments to the associated monitoring plans
  • Assessment of monitoring measurement results (settlements, deformations, water pressures, inclinations, vibrations, etc.) 

Allnamics' staff has been involved with geotechnical and pile testing projects around the world since 1972.  Allnamics also has strong links with universities and geotechnical committees,  and is regularly involved in research and equipment development projects.  Our clients can benefit from the Allnamics knowledge and experience through the Allnamics Academy, which provides courses at the client’s location or at the Allnamics locations in either the Netherlands or the USA.  The following courses are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels:

  • General introduction to Pile Testing Techniques (PDA, DLT, VDA, RLT, STR, STN, PIT, SLT)
  • Performance and analysis of Static Load Testing (SLT) results
  • Performance of Rapid Load Testing (RLT) and introduction to  monitoring and analysis techniques (including StatRapid (STR) and Statnamic™ (STN))
  • The application of the wave equation theory to pile testing
  • Pile driving analysis theory, interpretation  and monitoring techniques
  • Introduction to pile driving control
  • Introduction and the application of pile integrity testing techniques (PIT, SIT)
  • Introduction and the application of signal matching techniques (AllWave-DLT, TNOWAVE, CAPWAP™)
  • Pile drive-ability prediction techniques for impact hammers (PDP)
  • Pile drive-ability prediction techniques for vibratory hammers (VDP)
  • Vibration monitoring techniques and interpretation of measurement results (VIM)
  • Introduction to geotechnical monitoring techniques