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RLT on test piles for foundations of wind turbines


In November 2014 Allnamics performed Rapid Load Testing (RLT) on test piles for the foundations of two wind turbines near Urk in The Netherlands. Earlier StatRapidUrkAllnamics had performed PDA as these piles were driven into the ground.


With a drop weight of 40 tons the 8 MN StatRapid can generate the equivalent of an 800 ton static load. As the drop weight lands on a set of special springs the loading characteristic is such that the pile behaves quasi-statically. Consequently the analysis of the test results is relatively simple and the outcome is independent of the consultant, which is not the case for dynamic load testing.


Several tests around the world have shown that Rapid Load Test results correlate very well with those of a Static Load Test. Setting up the equipment, performing the test with multiple loading cycles and taking the equipment down takes less than one day, and depending on the local conditions up to 4 piles can be tested in a day.


The first test was witnessed by a large group invited by ENERCON, the project owner, while the second test was witnessed by people invited by Allnamics. Both tests demonstrated that the pile resistance and stiffness more than met the design requirements.


If you need additional information on StatRapid, please feel free to contact us or download the brochure and/or the technical specifications.



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