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Referee StatRapid deployed for foundation new building Shipping- and Transport College


On March 21st 2016 a ‘Rapid Load Test’ has been performed according to CUR guideline 230 on a Terr-Econ pile in the Waalhaven, Rotterdam.


Immediate cause was the hypothesis, based on SIT results, of a crack being present just below the rebar. StatRapid par excellence is ideal to verify in such cases whether a crack will close when the pile is being loaded. If so, the pile is perfectly fit to be loaded in compression and can therefor be included in the foundation. The test results in a cyclic Load-Displacement diagram (analogues to a Static Load Test), from which the pile stiffness under work load can be extracted.


Foto 1 : Overview of the project location.

Foto 1 : Overview of the project location.

For more information on the StatRapid or Rapid Load Tests you can contact us.



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