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2011 -2012 – EDC System and validated Signal Match

screenshot-edcIn the last decade an alternative to pile driving analysis was developed in Florida, USA by embedding data collectors (strain gauges and accelerometers) into the concrete at both ends of the pre-tensioned pre-stressed pile (a so-called EDC system).


This approach, which has been studied extensively by the University of Florida and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and applied in numerous FDOT projects in recent years, allows for direct monitoring of the pile toe condition, instead of assessing the situation at the buried pile toe by interpreting the recorded stress waves at the top of the pile.


Recently SmartStructures Inc. in the USA teamed up with Allnamics to expand their software program suite (SmartPile Acquisition and Smartpile Review ) with 2 additional modules: SmartPile Simulate (a tailored version of AllWave-PDP) and SmartPile Signal Match (a tailored version of AllWave-DLT). 


With this expanded software suite the user can simulate the pile driving before it happens, monitor the pile driving as it happens (by reviewing not only the acceleration and strain measurements at the pile top, but also at the pile tip), compare the predicted results (such as transferred energy and blow count) with the actual results, and perform a signal match on the strain and acceleration data measured at the pile top.


And whereas signal matching programs cannot generate a unique solution (which means that the outcome depends on the person performing the match), the outcome of SmartPile Signal Match can be validated by comparing not only the calculated and measured signal at the pile top, but also those at the pile toe.


This provides the user with a validated signal match, ensuring an enhanced reliability of the results.