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AllWave-PDP is a dedicated program for onshore and offshore driveability studies for both impact and vibratory hammers. It is a Wave Equation Program based on the  Method of Characteristics.


Being capable of predicting pile behavior during driving is vital, because in almost all cases when a pile meets early refusal remedial (and very costly) actions have to be taken in order to drive the pile further into the ground.  These remedial actions may be:


  • to continue driving with the same hammer, risking that the hammer and the pile get damaged;
  • to continue driving with a heavier hammer, assuming the pile is strong enough to resist the higher stress levels;
  • (in case of a pipe pile) to remove the internal soil plug in the pile, even though this could result in a lower bearing capacity when the pile is driven to the final penetration depth.


In many cases this can be prevented when the experts do their "homework" properly, i.e. prepare an accurate pile driveability prediction.  Nowadays, the combination of data bases on pile driving and computer pile driving simulation is of such a quality that a reasonable prediction can be made.  For this purpose the pile driving simulation program AllWave-PDP can be used.  This program enables the modelling of hammer, cushion/anvil, pile, and soil resistance in a realistic way.  The correct data for all these parameters can be obtained from the database included in the program, which contains not only models for hammers and cushions, but also static and dynamic parameters of a variety of soils.


One of the major advantages of AllWave-PDP over other piledriving simulation packages is the incorporation of an advanced soil fatigue modelling feature in the algorithm, which will result in more accurate predictions.


At each defined pile penetration level a separate wave equation analysis is performed and  the soil model is updated with the soil  fatigue situation at that level. Without proper soil fatigue modelling it is almost impossible to predict the final set/blow count of a driven pile in a reliable way.


Brochure AllWave-PDP download:   AllWave-PDP Wave Equation Program for Driveability Studies (2413 downloads)