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Pile Testing Equipment: PDR


Pile Testing Equipment: PDR


Allnamics has developed a state-of-the-art multi-purpose monitoring system, the PDR.  The PDR is an advanced Wi-Fi based pile testing monitoring system for Pile Driving Analysis (for both impact (PDA) and vibratory hammers (VDA)), Dynamic Load Testing (DLT or PDA Test), and Rapid Load Testing (RLT -Statnamic(STN) and StatRapid(STR)). 


A multi-disciplinary design team, supervised by Peter Middendorp and Fokke Reiding (the original developers of the first portable pile testing systems, (including the TNO Pile Driving Analyser), created this product, which meets the pile testing requirements on the construction site in every respect.


Options include continuous monitoring of strain and acceleration during pile driving (PDA) and single blow registration for Dynamic Load Testing (DLT - or PDA Test) during re-strike.  Data collected for the latter can be exported for further analysis with the AllWave-DLT signal matching software.  Additionally load cell and accelerometer data can be recorded during Rapid Load Testing (e.g. Statnamic™, Statrapid™).


  • Complies with ASTM D4945-12
  • WiFi or ethernet connection to a Windows PC laptop
  • 4 channels (easy upgrade to 8 channel monitoring)
  • Adjustable sample rate (up to 48 kHz per channel)
  • 24 bit conversion
  • Internal Solid State recorder for signal backup and autonomous monitoring
  • 6 hrs operational battery life (16 hrs standby)
  • Class IP66 housing
  • Robust design with easy magnetic stowaway system for excess transducer cable
  • LEDs for: measurement in progress, test in progress, sensor status, ethernet cable connection active, wifi link active, battery status, battery charging, battery full, transducer connections,  charger connected properly, ethernet cable connected properly, I/O port connection
  • Magnetic cable handling system
  • Intelligent transducers, with transducer key data stored in memory
  • Combined acceleration- and strain transducers
  • Integrated test box (to automatically check the transduceres during mounting)
  • Single software program for monitoring, processing and reporting (with extensive processing/graphics/reporting options)
  • Mounting tools
  • Combined tool for transducer transport/mounting and drilling jig
  • Transducer checking during mounting and monitoring
  • Test box generating artificial signals to calibrate the electronics of PDR, and check proper functioning of data transmission once installed on the test pile
  • For long range Wi-Fi (up to 200 m depending on circumstances) a USB antenna can be connected to the monitoring PC