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Vibratory Driving Analyser (VDA)

Vibratory Driving Analyser (VDA)

Vibratory driving and impact pile driving are complementary pile installation techniques.
Vibratory driving can be applied to drive piles to final penetration for suitable soil conditions or for stabbing a pile prior to impact pile driving.

Vibratory Driving Analysis (VDA) is a powerful tool to control the vibratory driving process and the extra knowledge obtained by performing Vibratory Driving Analysis can pay for itself many times over.

Hammer frequency, driving forces and stress can be monitored and the final depth of driving can be optimized.

A quality record can be supplied for each pile to the client and authorities immediately after driving.
Finally, for future projects the prediction of vibratory driving performance and selection of the correct vibratory hammer can be improved by incorporating the previous results in the analysis.

The instrumentation for VDA is similar to PDA, except that more sensitive acceleration transducers are used because of the lower acceleration and stress levels during vibratory driving.

During vibratory driving, the VDA records forces, stresses, accelerations, power supplied by the vibratory hammer, eccentric moment, and vibration frequency in combination with the resistance of the soil can be monitored and analyzed. These signals and other information can be presented in real time on the computer screen.