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Dynamic Load Tester (DLT)

Dynamic Load Tester (DLT)


Dynamic Load Testing (DLT ) is performed as a restrike on precast piles with a pile driving hammer after a set up period or on cast in situ piles by a drop hammer. DLT is often called PDA test.


Pile capacity is obtained by signal matching with AllWave-DLT. The application of DLT is best suited for precast piles. Pile instrumentation is similar as for Pile Driving Analysis (PDA)


DLT is less suited for cast in situ piles, like auger and bored piles. Because of the many assumptions to be made about the inhomogeneous pile properties, like modulus of elasticity, pile shape and the non-unique solution of the signal matching process the pile capacity prediction results become user dependent.


A more reliable alternative for testing cast in situ piles are the Rapid Load Testing (RLT) techniques like StatRapid (STR) or Statnamic (STN).