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AllWave – Wave Equation Program

 AllWave - Wave Equation Program


Allnamics has developed a suite of wave equations analysis programs called AllWave:
- AllWave-PDP – for impact hammer & vibratory hammer pile driving simulation (to perform driveability studies)
- AllWave-DLT – for signal matching of high strain dynamic test results (in combination with PDA and DLT)
- AllWave-SIT – for signal matching of low strain test results (as part of integrity testing)
- AllWave-RLT – for rapid load testing predictions (for StatRapid and Statnamic testing)


All these programs are based on the theory of the wave propagation through a one-dimensional elastic material. Based on this theory, a simple differential equation can be derived which can be solved numerically and analytically. Allnamics has opted for the analytical solution of the differential equation and made this solution suitable for computer implementation. The solution method for the differential equation is called the “method of characteristics”. The advantages of this approach are:

- the simulation of elastic problems is exact.
- the simulation of non-linear problem (pile-soil interaction) is very accurate
- the process time is decreased to an absolute minimum.
- the input of geo-technical data for the soil layers is facilitated in digitized form