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Signal Matching Program.


AllWave-DLT is one of the options of the wave equation package AllWave. This application is used to determine the pile capacity and static load displacement behaviour (SLT) of a pile. The blow from a dynamic load test (DLT), measured with an Allnamics-PDADLT system (PDR) , is introduced on top of the wave equation pile model and signals are calculated on the pile top. A comparison is made between calculated signals and real measured dynamic load test signals.


Download brochure  AllWave-DLT Signal Matching Software - 2013 (1576 downloads)


AllWave has geotechnical engineering dedicated soil data input modules. Soil investigation results are transferred to static and dynamic soil model parameters. The soil investigation results are used as a boundary condition for the signal matching proces.

The static and dynamic soil model parameters are updated until a good match is obtained between calculated and measured signals. The load displacement behaviour is calculated from the static parameters of  the computer soil model.


The Dynamic Load Testing method is most suited for precast piles. For cast in situ piles Rapid Load Testing methods (e.g. Statnamic and StatRapid) with UPM analysis are advised, which yield consistent and user independent results.


Allnamics has more than 35 years of experience with the signal matching approach, worldwide, both onshore and offshore.