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PDA monitoring for new Blue Piling hammer with 4000 ms samples


In spring of 2016 Allnamics was involved in monitoring the performance of a prototype of the new developed Blue Piling hammer. The performance tests were done in the Caland Canal in the Rotterdam Harbor, on a dedicated 140 m long test pile. This pile has sufficient resistance for pile driving hammers with a large energy output. In January 2013, at the same location, Allnamics was also involved in a PDA test for the acceptance of the (at that time) largest hydraulic hammer in the world, the Menck MHU 3500 S.


The Blue Piling hammer type is developed by Fistuca. Its working principle is explained on the website of Fistuca and is different from traditional hydraulic hammers or diesel hammers. One of the differences is the much longer load cycle duration of a single hammer blow.


The monitoring had some special requirements. First, next to the pile, also the housing of the hammer had to be monitored. Second, because full loading cycles had to be monitored, measurement samples of 4000 milliseconds had to be recorded. For the 140 m long test pile, this corresponds to approx. 70 stress wave periods (2*L/c). For standard PDA monitoring, international standards (ASTM, Eurocode) require a minimum sample duration of 6-8 stress wave periods, at a sample rate of at least 10 kHz. With the Allnamics PDR-system and Allnamics-PDADLT software, it was possible to monitor pile and hammer simultaneously for 4000 ms at 12.5 kHz sample rate during each blow. A new milestone!



Photo 1 The Blue Hammer from Fistuca



Photo 2 PDA Measurement with the PDR and sensors on the pile and hammer housing.


After instruction and training by Allnamics staff during the first day, engineers from Fistuca performed the PDA measurements themselves. For a period of 1 month the equipment was continuously exposed to humid and salty weather conditions, performing 100% of the time. This was another milestone in endurance of the equipment.




In case you are interested in more information on Pile Driving Analysis, Hammer monitoring or the PDR-system, please feel free to contact us.


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