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New Axilog Vibration Monitoring Systems


On July 21, 2016 Allnamics received two axilogII systems from Leiderdorp Instruments BV. These state of the art vibration monitors will be deployed on those Allnamics projects where the vibration levels have to be recorded in accordance with BS, SBR or DIN guidelines and where online real time monitoring has to be performed.


AxilogII Systemen overdracht

Photo 1 : AxilogII systems received by Allnamics.

A big advantage of the axilogII vibration monitors is that tracking can be done from anywhere, whether from your or the client’s office, or even at home. Also, the axilogII can be programmed with multiple alarm levels, which allows  an early  warning in the event the actual thresholds are approached. In case of long-term monitoring it is also possible to automatically generate reports.

Photo 1 : The brand new AxilogII systems.

Photo 2 : The brand new AxilogII systems.

For more information about performing vibration measurements or if you want to take a vibration monitoring course you can of course contact us.
For more information about the axilogII vibration monitoring system we like to refer to the website of Leiderdorp Instruments


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