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First testing with StatRapid in Zwickau, Germany

July 10th 2012 Allnamics has executed the first project, commissioned by Jacbo Pfahlgründungen GmbH, with the newly developed StatRapid system. StatRapid is developed by CAPE Holland in close cooperation with Allnamics and is especially designed for conducting Rapid Load Testing. Two piles were loaded in cycles with increasing magnitude with a maximum test load of 6 MN. Elaboration according to CUR publication 230 (Rapid Load Testing on Piles - Interpretation Guidelines) proved that both piles showed static capacities well exceeding the design criteria.


Directly afterwards the device was transported to Hamburg for the second job.

resultaten StatRapid meting

results StatRapid

StatRapid op transport naar Zwickau

StatRapid transported to Zwickau

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