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Q-PDR-0001 - How to switch the PDR from cable connection to Wi-Fi or from Wi-Fi to cable connection?

Answer: See The cable connection is made with an Ethernet cable.


Q-PDR-0002 - How to switch on and switch off the PDR ?

Answer: See .


Q-PDR-0003 - How to check transducers with the PDR ?

Answer: See In this video the tranducer checking is operated manually. Transducer checking/ status can also be obtained on the monitoring PC, before, during and after taking measurements.?


Q-PDR-0004 - Does the PDR external Wi-Fi work on USB 3.0 and Windows 8 ?

Answer:  Yes,  the external Ralink antenna connected to the (notebook) PC will work .  USB3.0 is compatible with USB2.0. And the external_Wi-Fi installer will also run correctly on Windows 8.  To get good Wi-Fi performance; disable the internal PC Wi-Fi, and position the antenna vertical in free space.