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Vibration Monitoring

Vibration monitoring research project at Terneuzen, NL

On August 8th and 9th, 2016 Allnamics performed, together with Fugro and Fides, vibration monitoring at a test location in Terneuzen NL.

At the test location several abandoned buildings were available for monitoring the vibrations caused by a test drive of 3 large diameter steel tube piles. The piles were vibrated in up to refusal and then driven to final penetration with a large hydraulic hammer. This presented the researchers the opportunity to examine the buildings while being exposed to large vibrations and assess whether the building showed any resulting damage.
The vibration monitoring was carried out with 24 monitoring systems with 3 channel geophones on 4 separate buildings. The results of the measurements have been submitted to the SBRCUR committee updating the guidelines on vibration nuisance.

Photo 1 : The Vibro hammer PVE 2350 VM

Photo 2 : Vibration Monitoring during impact driving.

Photo 3 : Vibration monitoring on 4 different buildings with 24 systems.

Photo 4 : Vibration Monitoring at ground level

Photo 5 : Monitoring at corner of building at roof level



More information about vibration monitoring.
Contact our office in Heemskerk


Vibration monitoring at a historic farmhouse


While concrete sheetpiles were installed with a vibro hammer Allnamics monitored the vibrations at a nearby historic farmhouse in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


Allnamics was asked to monitor and subsequently analyse the vibrations at this building. The conclusion was that while driving of the concrete sheetpiles did cause some vibrations, the planes flying overhead and the renovation work to the farmhouse itself contributed as well to the vibration levels.


More information about vibration monitoring can be obtained at our office in Heemskerk.

Photo 1: Historic farmhouse


Photo 2: Vibrating in concrete sheet piles


More information about vibration monitoring ?

See our service : Vibration Monitoring.


New Axilog Vibration Monitoring Systems


On July 21, 2016 Allnamics received two axilogII systems from Leiderdorp Instruments BV. These state of the art vibration monitors will be deployed on those Allnamics projects where the vibration levels have to be recorded in accordance with BS, SBR or DIN guidelines and where online real time monitoring has to be performed.


AxilogII Systemen overdracht

Photo 1 : AxilogII systems received by Allnamics.

A big advantage of the axilogII vibration monitors is that tracking can be done from anywhere, whether from your or the client’s office, or even at home. Also, the axilogII can be programmed with multiple alarm levels, which allows  an early  warning in the event the actual thresholds are approached. In case of long-term monitoring it is also possible to automatically generate reports.

Photo 1 : The brand new AxilogII systems.

Photo 2 : The brand new AxilogII systems.

For more information about performing vibration measurements or if you want to take a vibration monitoring course you can of course contact us.
For more information about the axilogII vibration monitoring system we like to refer to the website of Leiderdorp Instruments