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Call for Papers Deadline – 10th International Symposium on Stress Wave Theory and Testing Methods for Deep Foundations


ASTM Committee D18 on Soil and Rock is sponsoring a Deep Foundations Symposium on June 27-29, 2018, San Diego, CA.  The deadline for abstract submission is next Monday.  This symposium encompasses all forms of deep foundation testing as indicated in the list of topical areas shown below.  To participate in the symposium, authors may submit a 250-300 word preliminary abstract online at no later than May 1, 2017.  


Call for Papers

We expect a diverse and international group of some 200 researchers, practitioners and academicians from more than 40 countries will gather to share experiences and findings. In addition to some 5 - 7 keynote lectures, papers will be presented dealing with 14 different conference themes applied to deep foundations:

  1. High strain dynamic testing
    2. Low strain integrity testing
    3. Rapid load testing
    4. Axial compression, tension, and bidirectional load tests
    5. Lateral testing
    6. Wave mechanics applications
    7. Soil-structure interaction for dynamic and static testing
    8. Testing and analysis of piles installed by vibratory methods
    9. Vibration monitoring due to dynamic effects - theory and measurements
    10. Simulation of pile penetration during installation
    11. Quality assurance testing for driven and drilled deep foundations
    12. Static resistance to driving and correlation of dynamic to static test results
    13. Design codes and test standards for testing of deep foundations
    14. Case studies of driven and drilled deep foundation testing

You can find additional information at

For technical information please contact the symposium co-chairs:
Paul Bullock, SBE, Gainesville, FL, Email:, Tel: 352.215.9372

Gerald Verbeek, Verbeek Management Services, Tyler TX, USA, email:, Tel: 903.939.1168

David Tara, Thurber Engineering Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada, Email:, Tel: 604.684.4384

Sam Paikowsky, MA Lowell UN, New Center, MA, Email:, Tel: 978.934.2277

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