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VDA monitoring Riffgat Windfarm

In the beginning of July 2012 Allnamics performed VDA (Vibratory Driving Analysis) on a scaled test pile for the project Riffgat Windfarm close to Borkum off the coast of Germany. Project specifications regarding disturbance to marine life by sound and vibration are very strict. Installing large diameter open steel casings by vibro hammer as opposed to impact driving is a big step forward in keeping such hindrance to a minimum. Aboard the  HLV Oleg Strashnov (Seaway Heavy Lifting) the test pile (D = 1220 mm) was installed with an APE200-6 vibrator. The results of the VDA were then used to fine tune the driving prediction of the test pile. The resulting subsurface model was then used to optimize the predictions for the monopiles, thus insuring a higher probability that installation at the locations with higher clay content will be successful.


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